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Igor asked 10 months ago

Seriously guys. I´v been using stardust soon over a year, and I love it. But there are so few good tutorials / courses out there, its ridiculous. So little good information.

But the worst of all there are no Discord channel for Stardust or another kind of life feedback.

So Im working on this project. And I have this simple problem that I dont know how to solve. Who do I ask? Go for forum and wait for weeks?

3 Answers
admin Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Igor, please send us an email with any question / issue , the forum is more user-user focused. As for tutorials we are producing more , and would love to hear what you’d like us to cover in our future ones. Aharon

Dave answered 10 months ago

I have one…intro to particle physics. I’m working on a simulation now and I need a force node to pass through some particles, but they need to react to the force node, move away from it then swirl behind it. I read through the physical section here, but it just talks about what things do and not specific as to how you could connect to make this work. I’ve tried several things that seem like the thing to do but nothing is working, and that project is due today

admin Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Dave, you can always send us an email with any question. What you describe may be possible using a spherical physical force, please see the Domino preset as an example, and you can send us an email, with your setup so we can have a look at it and try to help sort it. Aharon

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