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morgan asked 10 months ago

Hi everyone ! I must excuse myself from the bigenning since i\’ve probably been a bit too enthousiastic about starting with stardust. I\’m in the end of a project, and just realized my texts created from text layer with the emitter set on \”TEXT / MASK\” can\’t give me a clean text. I\’ve increased the number of particules per second to a crazy 50 000 and it is not very conveniant, fast nor efficient way… I\’d guess there is a work around to be able to have text with less particules (and cleaner, since no matter how much i throw in there, it keeps a bit fuzzy) It\’s probably too late for this project, and i guess i\’ll find the proper tutorial right after this project is finnished; but if someone knows a simple way, or a tutorial on inputting text… I\’d be so thankfull 🙂   Thanks

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Nick answered 9 months ago

Set your text/mask emitter to ‘edge weighted’ and play with the path sample-count, that way it should appear a lot cleaner.

Otherwise you can simply use your text as a texture particle.

– Nick

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